Mark Correia is a world renowned comedian, magician, and world record holder with over seventeen years of experience. After specializing in comedy and drama at the prestigious National Theatre School of Canada he quickly began making a name for himself across the globe. 


Mark has performed all over Canada as well as internationally, going as far as Qatar, France, Singapore, and China. He is now a proud member of Cirque EOS, performing large scale “Cirque de Soleil“ style shows. (For international bookings please contact Timing USA).

He makes regular appearances on television and has been featured on every major Canadian broadcasting network. In 2018, Mark produced and starred in a three sketch series for CBC Comedy, making him one of the top names in the Toronto comedy scene. He has gained over half a million views on YouTube and over fifty million views on Facebook.

Mark is also the brains and talent behind Escaping Parkinson’s—a stunt supported by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, and Michael J. Fox himself. For two weeks Mark lived strapped inside a straitjacket without breaks, raising over $15,000 in just fourteen days. On the final day he escaped on live television garnering international attention and setting a world record for “The Longest Amount of Time Wearing a Straitjacket”. 

The story of Escaping Parkinson's was then been presented as a TEDx talk delivered by Mark. It is the first (and only) TED talk to be delivered in a straitjacket.

— Huffington Post
— Mark's ex-girlfriend